About Us

Our History

It’s 1884… there are no copiers, no printers, no scanners or fax machines, no offset presses or even typewriters. No one has heard of the phrase, automated office systems. There are only people, pencils and paper. This is all about to change. A young man named Albert Blake Dick is tired of supplying his lumber customers with current price lists that are either handwritten or printed by movable type. In 1887, with a little help from inventor Thomas A. Edison and waxed tissue paper, Dick manufactures the first mimeograph machine and changes the office environment forever.

Twenty-five years later, while A. B. Dick continues to revolutionize the office marketplace, a young Richmond entrepreneur, Lawrence Newbille Mauck recognizes the importance of selling these innovative office machines and along with two other associates purchase the American Writing Machine Company Inc. of New York which later becomes Mauck & Company Office Products. By 1921, Mauck is the sole owner of the company and by 1955 the exclusive distributor of A.B Dick Products in the Richmond area.

Our Philosophy

Today, Mauck & Company Office Products is the oldest office equipment dealer in the city and still run as a close family business. In addition to selling and leasing Ricoh/Lanier digital color and black/white copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines, the firm also offers IT/network, printer management and document management services. The primary reason for Mauck & Company’s success and longevity is the way it treats both its customers and employees. Most of Mauck & Company’s employees, like their customers, tend to stay with the firm a long time. It’s all part of the Mauck business philosophy.

The digital office is not new to our organization. We have been providing cost effective digital document solutions since the introduction of digital equipment. As an authorized dealer of Ricoh’s full product lines of copiers, color copiers and multifunction devices, Mauck and Company offers the best of both worlds: The virtually unlimited technical resources of an industry giant combined with the individual attention only a locally owned vendor can provide.

All it takes is a phone call…….

All it takes is a phone call to have one of our experienced document management solutions representatives provide a free analysis of your current office equipment environment. We will then provide alternatives to increase the efficiency and productivity of your document workflow.